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It is a time of deep reflection, penance, and spiritual growth in the lives of the faithful. During Advent, we reflect on the three comings of Christ:. When most of us are even busier than usual—hosting traveling family and friends, attending holiday parties, shopping for Christmas gifts, doing festive crafts with the kids, and finalizing end-of-year details at work—Advent reminds us to stop.

To make our own journey to Bethlehem to behold and rest with the Child Jesus. Naturally, at Blessed is She, one of our favorite ways to enter into Advent is through prayerful reflection upon Sacred Scripture and a corresponding devotion.

Reset: Advent Devotions for the Whole Family - Seedbed

And so, every year, we strive to offer you such an invitation and opportunity to do that very thing with the release of the Advent devotional journal. In the Catholic Advent devotional, we reflect on a Scripture passage every day of the season. Each passage is accompanied by a reflection, space to journal or draw, and one concrete thing to focus on that day.

Journey to Bethlehem 20th Anniversary

Shannon walks us through these simple yet profound words from our Mama and her exchange with St. Many women like to use this study in their pre-existing small groups from their parish or local community.

Reset: Advent Devotions for the Whole Family

Lots of small groups begin to gather for the first time around this Advent devotional. And, as always, this can be a more personal and private Advent devotional you practice. Examine your heart. Are you seeking His face? Are you striving for holiness in the mundane details of your ordinary life? So, is the Advent devotional worth your time and hard-earned money?

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We think so. First, I love how beautiful the Advent journals have been.

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Mine became part of the sacred space I use for personal prayer. Sometimes just glancing over and seeing the journal laying beautifully on my makeshift altar inspired the desire to pray. Second, I loved the themes of each one which helped me explore more deeply the richness of the Catholic Faith and the mystery of the Incarnation. I loved the use of Scripture and the poignancy of the reflections. Also the questions for personal reflection and journaling were so well written and they really helped me in connecting to God and pondering His action in my life.

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  8. Coloring and drawing opened up a whole new creative way to connect to God. Those are great, but they get boring for me. These all had a theme…. Advent is my favorite liturgical season and I felt like I really got to dive into it last year with the journal.

    Last Christmas was the first time I actually felt really spiritually prepared for Christmas. Along with the Advent Journal itself , we wanted to offer you even more ways to incorporate the spirit of the Magnificat and the spirit of Advent into your daily life. This bag would be perfect for your pens and highlighters.

    The Journey: Walking the Road to Bethlehem

    You can keep this bag and your journaling tools close. It would also be great as a makeup bag. The essential oils used are frankincense and myrrh, so it will basically smell like Baby Jesus in your house. Grab your Advent Bundle here. Sisters, know that you have been and will continue to be in our prayers. We count ourselves blessed to be able to pray through Advent with you each year. Advent looks a bit different to us today, often seeming more like the month of budget-busting consumerism before Christmas morning presents than it does a time of patience and reflection.

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    But Advent can be a reset for us too—a graced season to take stock of our lives, to reorient our priorities, to repent and realign our story with the story of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In short, Advent offers us a chance to hit the Reset button and begin again afresh. Walt follows Mary and Joseph on a journey through that first Advent season and into the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. In reading this interpretation of the conversations that may have occurred between them as they walked along the road, families can begin to understand more deeply and intimately what it meant for the Lord to be "coming" then, as well as what it means for him to be "coming" now.

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