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This is why king David speaking by the Holy Spirit says "the Lord said to my Lord, sit at my right hand," calling his descendent Lord. This is the Trinity and we admit it is a great Mystery that we cannot ever fully comprehend. But our belief in this is founded on the Resurrection. How could over so many people, many of them who followed Jesus for 3 years straight, including his own mother, confuse Jesus with someone else?

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And more to the point, how could Jesus show up to all of these same people, totally over people, with holes in his hands and feet and side, and them still believe he was crucified and yet glorified, if he wasn't both? Hacker News new past comments ask show jobs submit.

Stop, Think and Pray - JW Broadcasting February 2017 (Instrumental, MIDI) [Lyrics]

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August 6, 0. Thank you for joining us! Glory to God for all things! About author. Resist the temptation to focus only on budgets, blueprints, and buildings.

Instead, embrace those goals that focus on the people God is calling you to reach and serve. Some readers will remember where they were on July 20, , when Neil Armstrong descended from Apollo 11 and walked on the moon.

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That was audacious! BHAGs also bring out the best in givers. At your next board retreat—on holy ground somewhere—celebrate the BHAGs of past decades and generations, but also take time to hear from God anew. Get to know the God of your founders.

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What target is so big, so audacious, so needing the faith of zealots, that only God can deliver? When you hear from God—and your staff and board hear from God—and you put that BHAG on the wall, it will energize and propel your ministry toward the future like nothing else. Yet, counterintuitively, if we start with the big idea that we feel God led us to pursue, and it aligns with His will, then the energy and resources for the day-to-day often take care of themselves.

Bishop Paprocki: Think And Pray Very Carefully About Your Vote

In the end, we are left with something we could not have done ourselves, but that has sparked an imagination in the teams and people that God has surrounded us with. Who signs up for that inaction plan?

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Visit holy ground at other ministries and learn about the faith and vision of their founders. Used by permission.

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