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Amid a tornado, sixty seconds can seem like an eternity, and so it is with moments of despair. Consider what the experience is trying to teach you? When trapped in your circumstances, try to look for the slightest respite in those untenable moments. The darkness invites us to practice self-compassion and nurture equanimity. We are called to exercise our noblest truths that lie at the heart of our being.

There is always someone by our side to help us reclaim our strength. Knowing this, consider an experience in your life that seems helpless. What is the smallest action you can take each day to deal with it? It might involve talking to someone, writing in your journal or crying to experience the intensity of your emotions. To find the light at the end of the tunnel, advance through the darkness knowing your compassioned hope for change lies around the corner.

I invite you not to frown upon your misery, but embrace it as a doorway to inner transformation. This comprehensive eBook features 39 key lessons to help you awaken your highest potential. Tony is a leading health and self empowerment expert. He brings over ten years' experience at the highest level as a health professional, speaker, author and coach.

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Search training courses Other qualifications Earn new qualifications to boost your career and demonstrate your abilities. SuDS - is there light at the end of the tunnel? SuDS are widely recognised as an essential part of the toolkit needed to make our cities liveable, even bearable, in the decades to come. Look out, UK!

During the course of the coalition government , Schedule 3 was consulted, delayed and dissipated, until finally, at the start of , it was completely neutered. In an effort to abolish any 'hindrances' to house building, SuDS would not be required for developments of less than 10 houses and, in any case, only where "reasonably practical". No standards or regulatory systems were created that might have forced any reconsideration of entrenched and blinkered attitudes. It provided a get-out for unwilling developers and their consultants, who were, and sadly largely still are, reluctant to do anything other than conventional piped drainage systems, with massive plastic tanks or hideous bomb craters at the low end.

There are, of course, some obvious pointers to better practice, and some shining examples of a better way. They tend to win awards, and are regarded as exceptions. So, how can we make excellent SuDS more commonplace? It was an opportunity to talk with a wide cross-section of construction industry professionals, developers, local authority officers and industry experts, to find common ground in our thinking. The key aim was to find ways to make good SuDS i. After six hours, her temperature returned to 32 degrees and her heart restarted.

Despite being dead for five to 10 hours overnight, and dead six hours in the hospital, she walked out of hospital three weeks later with no brain or organ damage. You are declared clinically dead when your heart stops beating.

There is a Light at the End of the Tunnel

Measurable brain activity shuts down within 40 seconds. Your body cells do not die immediately on your heart failing to supply them with oxygenated blood. Parnia estimates that bone cells can survive for four days, skin cells for one, and brain cells can remain viable but non-functioning for up to eight hours. Cooling the dead body slows cell deterioration, allowing physicians to safely reverse the cellular processes that occur and avoiding brain damage. Resuscitation medicine now makes objective studies of near-death experiences and out-of-body experiences possible. A large-scale study called Aware awareness during resuscitation , involving 2, patients who suffered cardiac arrest survived , was launched in , with Parnia as lead investigator.

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A range of mental experiences in relation to death were tested for validity using objective markers to determine if near-death experiences and out-of-body experiences are real or hallucinatory. The results were published online in the journal Resuscitation in October. Thirty-nine per cent of patients who survived described awareness, but not explicit recall of events, while they were clinically dead. Twenty per cent said they felt unusually peaceful. Some saw a bright light, others felt fearful or felt they were drowning.

Thirteen per cent felt separated from their bodies and 13 per cent said their senses were heightened. Nine per cent had experiences compatible with near-death experiences. Only 2 per cent reported out-of-body experiences: that is, full awareness, with recall of seeing and hearing events.

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One man recalled leaving his body and watching from the corner of the room for several minutes as the medical staff worked to resuscitate him, accurately recounting their actions. These experiences were apparently recorded during a period when he had neither a heartbeat nor brain activity. The out-of-body incident is interesting but far short of convincing; the recollections could be memories of a TV documentary, for example, seen by the patient when he was hale and hearty.

Much more tightly controlled research is needed.

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Watertight demonstrations of out-of-body experiences, should they ever come, indicating that consciousness can exist independently of a functioning brain, would certainly put the non-material cat among the material pigeons. A weakened sense of identity is contributing to a surge in loneliness and depression. Life itself is the primary example of emergence, resulting from chemical processes at the atomic scale. To save bees make some space for wildness and let them look after themselves.