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Set in the Balkans in the middle of the 20th century, BEAST is a thrilling, mystical tale of the unusual friendship between Mirko, the boy next door, and Leon, who is too strong for his own good. To be published by Gyldendal on August 26th. The novel will be published in 28 languages.

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Photo: Luis Alberto Rodriguez. Dutch success! Published by Prometheus, HARS is in its 4th print run and receiving amazing press: "One of the most astonishing novels of the year Our condolences It is with profound sadness that we inform of the passing of author and family therapist Jesper Juul. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Since , Jesper Juul suffered from a painful neurological disease, but in spite of it he continued to work, with rights sold to 27 territories. He will be missed, not only as an author but as a friend. The winner of the awards will be announced on Saturday 26th September. Kirkus: "Unflinching" First US review! Kirkus writes, "Jensen is unflinching in describing th[e] mayhem as it figures in the real world of his novel…A grim examination of the effects of war on those who would give anything not to be waging it.

To be published by AmazonCrossing in September. The winner will be announced at the Crossing Border Festival on the 3rd November An intense, recursive book that evokes the chill despair of a Bergman film. The winners of the Ping Award will be announced on 15th June. This ambivalence makes the novel even better. Out now! The first five-star review from Henrik Tjalve remarks, "As always with Elsebeth Egholm, one is unrelentingly drawn into the action.

She has a very special knack for penetrating the many diverse settings, which she depicts. The Politikens Literature Prize goes to Birgithe Kosovic for her terrific duology about the controversial Eric Scavenius, the Danish prime minister and Nazi collaborator, "whom she tranforms into a person who is just as preoccupied with love -and sex- as he is with war Kosovic really shows what the biographical novel can do Rarely has a female author been able to describe so lustful a male gaze The longlist is selected by independent bookshops as the best contemporary European novels that appeared in Dutch in the past year.

The Bald Detective, will start shooting in May. Grue is currently writing the 8th book in the series, with expected publication later this year. Photo: Mads Teglers. Jessen: Starred PW! Set to be published by Gyldendal in Denmark in and , respectively. For more info, please follow the link to Nordisk Film's press release. The jury calls it "at once bare, moving and often so funny that it is in itself healing. Over the next 2 years the selected books will be shown in traveling exhibitions and book fairs worldwide.

The Wildwitch series, which is sold to 19 territories and recently had its film premiere, tells the story of Clara, a normal year-old girl, whose life is changed forever when she is scratched by an unusually large black cat. The story focuses on the formative experiences - professional and personal - faced by Kurt as a recently graduated police officer in his early twenties.

The English-language drama series is told over 6 serialised episodes and features both British and Swedish cast. Production starts in Publishers Weekly calls it an "austerely wrenching and darkly comic novel This resonant book is both provocative and gripping. Greenlandic Crime In the remote Arctic community of Inussuk, seven graves are dug at the end of each summer, before the ground freezes.

As winter approaches, the question is, will they be enough? All the things that suspend time. You must taste this elixir. Sold to 18 territories! Rights sold to Planeta and Grup He builds suspense even as he splinters his plot into nonlinear fragments. He conjures up the emotional arc of a female life—from childhood loneliness through intense love to midlife derailment—in just undersized pages.

Most unexpected of all, he deepens a tale of grief with a caustic comic tone. Resin: Rolling! We are pleased to share that filming has kicked off on Funen! Photo: Marie Pasenau. New Gulliksen! Rights sold pre-pub to Denmark and Sweden. Most recently, in The New Yorker: "In this philosophical domestic drama, a narrator named Jon attempts to recount the dissolution of his marriage from the imagined perspective of his eventual ex-wife, Timmy… the novel is painfully persuasive in its view of relationships—how arbitrarily we slip into and out of them, and how we rely on love, or the illusion of it, to existential boredom and despair.

DR's Novel of ! Shark Drunk is sold to 26 countries so far. Follow the link to read the rest of The New Yorker's review. Though different, the novels share a darkness in their respective family dramas, each in their own way dealing with isolation, desire, despair and shame. Photo: Isak Hoffmeyer. Nielsen directing.

Photo: Steen Evald. Excellent reviews are still coming in: Hardanger folkeblad writes, "Eikemo has written herself into the top tier of Norwegian contemporary writers" and Dagavisen calls it "a particularly good novel about choices, what determines them, and the price of closing. UK reviews are in! Published by Pushkin Press in the UK. HOPE is a well-rounded piece of fiction that, with its harmonious and accomplished composition, satisfies most of the demands of an entertaining novel A lot of Superfly types are wearing those these days. Ever see that movie Superfly?

He brushed off his fingers on his napkin and pulled at an earlobe, then motioned to the bartender.

Dallas was. He put away his comb and looked at his reflection in the bar mirror. His cheeks were pooled with tiny pits, like the incisions of a knifepoint. He placed a roll of breath mints by my hand. Gratis from Elmer Fudd. I boat-fished out of Key West in the most beautiful water I had ever seen. It was green, as clear as glass, with pools of indigo blue in it that floated like broken clouds of ink.

I visited the old federal prison at Fort Jefferson on a blistering-hot day and swore I could smell the land breeze blowing from Cuba. I slept in a pup tent on a coral shelf above water that was threaded with the smoky green phosphorescence of organisms that had no names.

Delirium tremens or not, I knew I was in for the whole ride. During my last week in Miami, I drove up to Opa-Locka to pay my bar tab and buy a round for whoever was trying to escape the noonday heat. The bar was dark and cool inside, the street out beyond the colonnade baking under a white sun.

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I knocked back a brandy and soda, counted my change, and prepared to go. Through the front window I could see dust blowing along the pavement, heat waves bouncing off a parked car, a bare-chested black man drilling a jackhammer into the asphalt, his skin pouring sweat. I ordered another brandy and soda and looked at the order-out menu on the bar. Then I tossed the menu aside, dropped a half dollar into the jukebox, and kicked it on up into overdrive with four inches of Beam and a beer back.

Pegasus Descending (Dave Robicheaux Series #15)

By three-thirty I was seriously in the bag. Across the street, I saw an armored car pull up in front of the bank. It was a shimmering box-like vehicle with a red-and-white paint job that pulsed in the heat like a fresh dental extraction. Three armed guards piled out, opened up the back, and began to lift big canvas satchels with padlocks on the tops onto the pavement. One of the guards was Dallas Klein. I crossed the street, my drink in one hand, shading my eyes from the glare with the other. Dallas was standing in the shade of the bank, the armpits of his gray shirt dark with moisture.

Now stop making an ass out of yourself and go back in the bar. I looked back over my shoulder at Dallas, who was now busy with his work, hefting bags of money and carrying them into the bank.

Four new deals

My face felt small and tight, the skin dead, freeze-dried in the heat. While he poured into a shot glass from a bourbon bottle with a chrome nipple on it, I blotted the humidity out of my eyes with a paper napkin, my ears still ringing from the insult Dallas had delivered me. I looked back out the window at the armored car.

But the scene had suddenly become surreal, divorced from any of my expectations about that day in my life. A white van came out of nowhere and braked behind the armored car. Four men with cut-down shotguns jumped out on the sidewalk, leaving the driver behind the wheel.

They were all dressed in work clothes, their hair and facial features a beige-colored blur under nylon stockings. I unsnapped the. When I got off the barstool, one side of the room seemed to collapse under my foot. I thought my grandiose words could somehow change the condition I was in. I walked unsteadily to the front door and jerked it open. The outside world ballooned through the door in a rush of superheated air and carbon monoxide. The street I looked out upon was no longer a part of South Florida. It was a wind-sculpted place in the desert, bleached the color of a biscuit by the sun, home to carrion birds and jackals and blowflies.

I positioned myself behind one of the Arabic columns under the colonnade and steadied my automatic against the stone. Put down your weapons and get on your faces! But the men robbing the armored car did little more than glance in my direction, as they would at a minor annoyance. It was obvious their timing on the takedown of the car had gone amiss. The van had arrived seconds later than it should have, allowing the guards time to start carrying the canvas money satchels inside the bank. The car guards and the elderly bank guard were down on their knees, against the wall of the bank, their fingers laced behind their heads.

The robbers simply needed to pick up the satchels that were within easy reach, head out of Opa-Locka, and dump the van, which was undoubtedly stolen. A few minutes later, they could have disappeared back into the anonymity of the city. But one of them had gotten greedy. One of them had gone into the bank to retrieve the satchels there, racking a round into the chamber of his shotgun. A teller was already pushing the vault door shut.

The robber shot him at point-blank range. When the shooter emerged from the bank, he was dragging two satchels that were whipsawed with blood, his pump propped against his hip. The first shotgun blast from the robbers on the sidewalk patterned all over the column and the metal door of the bar. Charlotte tells her mother that she is secretly engaged to Norrie, who has not yet informed his father. An item about the secret engagement appears in Town Topics, and New York society is horrified that Norrie has jilted Beatrice for the daughter of a nouveau riche unknown.

Newsome had received threats from anarchists referencing the disaster at Shickshinny Mine, where 21 miners died, including eight children who were left to smother. Honed by years of service to the wealthy, Jane has a talent for staying unnoticed while noticing everything, which helps her gather information the police cannot.

This appealing series debut is the first adult mystery by the Edgar-nominated Young Adult author. Eight years later, much of the money has been squandered by Reggie, or spent on much needed repairs of the family estate, but now Frances is eagerly planning her departure from Harleigh for a leased house in London with her young daughter Rose.

Her brother-in-law Graham and his wife Delia are horrified by her plan, knowing it will be much harder to wheedle money out of Frances from a distance. Within a week Lily has three suitors, and Frances begins to investigate their characters to protect Lily from her own mistake of marrying a man only interested in her money. This witty and high-sprited debut mystery is the first in a series.

When the body of a murdered beggar is found posed over the altar of St. De Bray would prefer to hand the investigation over to Thomas, but he is deathly ill and worries the Church may seize his lands, leaving his children impoverished. Determined to find evidence of heresy and sorcery, Friar Justus distorts the testimony of everyone he interrogates, intensifying the rampant village superstition into panic. The murder of a young girl adds to the mounting village terror, and Thomas fears an innocent will be burnt at the stake before he identifies the killer.

Still mourning the death of his wife, Thomas is unexpectedly attracted to both Cecily and Alice, and is determined to protect them from Friar Justus and his fearsome henchman. This intense debut historical thriller brings the dangerous religious conflicts of the period to vivid life.

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Arthur Conan Doyle receives a letter from former prime minister William Gladstone requesting his services in London as a consultant for a month. Doyle insists that Sherlock Holmes is only a fictional creation, with knowledge and skills his creator does not possess, but Wilkins is insistent.

Unwilling to refuse a request from Gladstone, Doyle agrees to help only if Dr. Joseph Bell of Edinburgh, his old professor of surgery that served as the model for Holmes, will join him.

Leather Suitcase, Saddleback Leather Co.

Doyle is surprised that Bell answers in the affirmative, and Wilkins provides a letter of introduction to Inspector Abberline who is leading the investigation, and the address of Miss Margaret Harkness, a young woman living in the East End and writing about the lives of the working poor, who has agreed to give them an introductory tour of the dangerous area. Doyle and Bell are charmed by Miss Harkness, who roams the streets disguised as a young man. At first protective of their female companion, her quick wits and hidden Derringer save them from a pair of ruffians.

The three dub themselves the Three Musketeers and work as a team to help the police track down the killer soon known as Jack the Ripper. This clever debut novel featuring lively versions of three historical figures was a finalist for the Edgar Award for Best First Novel. After four partners in a row were injured, stabbed, shot, and finally died falling off a tower block, no one is willing to work with Torrez or even make eye contact.

They begin digging through the boxes of case files — burglaries, thefts, selling counterfeit goods, ATM scams — searching for anything worth further investigation. Buried among the chaff they finally discover two murders. The second murder is that of Marie Sauzelle, an elderly woman strangled in during a burglary. Partnering with Torrez, who warns her about the danger of getting in a car with him, Capestan says she will try her luck and the two set out to see if any neighbors remember the crime from eight years earlier.

Capestan feels naked without the sidearm she is prohibited from carrying, and Torrez hates the lack of a siren, but the new squad works well together and soon uncover unexpected evidence of police corruption in the long-abandoned cold cases. This engaging series opener is great fun. Edwin Hill Little Comfort Kensington introduces Hester Thursby, a Harvard librarian who runs a side business finding missing people. Lila Blaine hires Hester to locate her younger brother Sam, who ran away from Little Comfort, their summer cottage in New Hampshire, 12 years earlier when he was 15 and Lila was Gabe DiPursio, a foster kid who stayed with Lila and Sam that last summer at the lake, disappeared along with Sam.

Lila is putting Little Comfort on the market, and feels obligated to share the proceeds with her brother. Every six months or so over the last decade Sam has mailed a picture postcard to Lila with a one line message. Hester matches the lines to movies, a different film for the set of postcards from each city, and begins searching news reports from each city during the timeframe of the postcards. With Kate in tow, Hester finds the apartment Sam and Gabe are sharing under their current aliases, and befriends the lonely Gabe.

He fantasizes a normal life with Hester and Kate but Sam knows Hester threatens the glamorous future that is nearly in his grasp. Patrick in Ireland and fighting in the Rebellion of New York is still recovering from the financial Panic of , and the Irish are warring with freed slaves for work. As part of his studies, Justy spent a summer in Paris learning about investigative methods of the new French police force.

Justy is startled by how much the city has changed in four years, much more crowded and seething with hostility. His first stop is at the New Goal, hoping to talk to William Duer, the speculator who cheated his father out of his fortune and pushed him to suicide. After calling , Willa takes a picture of a boot print in the mud and notices there is no sign of forced entry.

Willa tells the grandparents that Joe is dead and Violet needs to get in touch with the police. They want to hire her to investigate the murder, but she explains that even if she had completed the process of becoming a licensed private investigator, PIs are prohibited from investigating murders. Caroline Hulse The Adults Random House begins with a call on Christmas Eve: a woman named Alex reporting that someone has been shot with an archery arrow, blood everywhere.

While shopping for presents with Claire, Scarlett and Posey run across a speaker for the Society Against Vivisection displaying a picture of an unhappy rabbit in a cage being tested for pharmaceuticals. Learning that Alex is a scientist, Posey and Scarlett decide she probably tortures rabbits, and resolve to stay away from her as much as possible at Happy Forest.

The ultra-organized Patrick signs everyone up for activities in advance and Claire creates a joint packing list. The patient Alex goes along with the plan, participating in Forced Fun activities, wondering why Scarlett seems to dislike her more than ever, and trying to stick to her resolution to avoid alcohol while the other adults indulge. Learning that Matt knew about this planned trip months before he told her, and was even the instigator, cause her determination not to drink to crumble, resulting in a drunken evening in which everything goes wrong.

This funny and suspenseful debut novel is highly recommended. Debra Jo Immergut The Captives Ecco begins in May when Frank Lundquist, a disgraced psychologist working at Milford Base Correctional Facility, a New York state prison for women, recognizes the woman who walks into his office in prison orange as Miranda Greene, his high school crush. Miranda has made an appointment to ask for a something to help her sleep, and the bemused Frank writes a prescription for Zoloft.

Miranda has served only two years of her year sentence with no parole for second-degree murder. She has made two friends that help her through the days, protecting her from the other inmates, who call her Missy May and Lady Prell, as well as Correctional Officer Beryl Carmona, who disliked Miranda on first sight.

  2. Friends across the Miles: VSOs - an important part of Labrador Education History Voluntary Service Overseas.
  3. Women at Midlife: Embracing the Challenges (Fisherman Bible Studyguides).

April Nicholson, a former drug addict who befriended Miranda her first day, has no one on the outside. Despite their different backgrounds, April and Miranda have become fast friends, closer than sisters. Miranda dreads the day that April will be released on parole. Miranda learns how to hide her sleeping pills inside a plastic hanger, saving them up until she has enough to overdose.

An unexpected late night bed check sends the unconscious Miranda to the emergency room. Frank, who has been mostly resisting the unprofessional attraction to his patient, determines to save Miranda from herself, and comes up with a plan to break her out of prison. This exceptional debut thriller, a finalist for the Edgar Award for Best First Novel, explores themes of freedom, power, corruption, and redemption. After her adopted father went to prison, Hazel and her brother Gregory were adopted by Isaac and his wife.

Unlike her uncle Philip, a theoretical physicist, and the rest of the family geniuses, Hazel had no talent for numbers, though Isaac complemented her logical thinking. Renowned for developing predictive equations for apparently random events, Isaac had been working on a formula to solve the traffic problems in Los Angeles, but that seems an insufficient motive for murder.

Inside a copy of her favorite novel, Tender Is the Night, Hazel discovers additional clues that lead her to a hotel room containing a street map of Los Angeles covered with red adhesive dots. Meanwhile, Philip is contacted by P. This intriguing debut novel explores dysfunctional relationships and the long-lasting effects of childhood trauma. Lynn McBride lives with her mother, brother, and uncle, eking out an existence by hunting and raising carrots and potatoes during the short growing season.

It appears that the flu was created as a tool of war, but no one is sure which side actually released the virus. Cold climates are safer, so the McBrides have retreated into the winter Yukon. Out hunting one day Lynn is startled to see a dog followed by a young man who introduces himself as Jax. The McBrides are wary of the stranger, but Lynn is fascinated by Jax, the first stranger she has seen in years, and charmed by the husky he calls Wolf. But he is freakishly strong and quick, which comes in handy when a group of men calling themselves traders try to kidnap him.

Jax confesses that he is hiding from Immunity, a group using any means possible to find a cure for the flu pandemic. This fast-paced debut thriller is set in a post-apocalyptic world only a bit more threatening to human life than the frozen Yukon. One morning they are playing cards with Anna-Liisa and laugh at the coincidence of their wardrobe choices in various shades of purple. Bored with the card game, Irma suggests that they form the Lavender Ladies Detective Agency to snoop around and do some meddling like Miss Marple.

Anna-Liisa finds the idea rediculous, but Siiri is captivated. The following day they are shocked to hear of the death of Tero Lehtinen, the cook who is always friendly to everyone. The debilitation of old age infuses life at Sunset Grove. Are they both growing even more forgetful, or is something sinister going on at Sunset Grove?

This blackly humorous debut mystery is the first in a trilogy. John loves the exotic bustle of the city but Alice, overwhelmed by the heat and the crowds, spends most of her time inside their apartment. Lucy and Alice bonded as freshmen at Bennington College in Vermont , the discovery that they were both orphans bridging the gap between the scholarship and trust fund girls. They roomed together until an accident in their senior year that split the once inseparable friends apart, Alice retreating to the care of her guardian Aunt Maude, and Lucy disappearing from her life.

As soon as Lucy steps off the boat in Tangier she meets Youssef, a pushy local insistent on showing her around the city. Though she shakes him off several times, Lucy finds his services useful and he soon compliments her on becoming a woman of Tangier, a Tangerine. Lucy coaxes Alice out of the apartment and the two begin to explore the city and country together. This compelling debut novel of psychological suspense has been optioned as a major motion picture.

James A. McLaughlin Bearskin Ecco is the story of a man who calls himself Rice Moore, who fled Arizona after his girlfriend Apyrl was killed by a Mexican cartel. Rice is working as the caretaker for a remote forest preserve in the Appalachian wilderness of Virginia, collecting wildlife data and refurbishing a cabin. The work is physically taxing, but Rice enjoys the solitude and spending time alone in the woods.

The discovery of a bear carcass with the galls and paws removed jolts him out of his self-imposed reclusive life, and Rice becomes obsessed with catching the poachers who sell the bear parts to the Chinese. After locating the bear baiting station, Rice constructs a ghillie camouflage suit and begins a lengthy stakeout. Days living off the land with very little food cause his grasp on reality to weaken, blurring the line between hallucinations and fact. This powerful debut thriller featuring a decent man who feels compelled by circumstances to use violence, is a finalist for the Barry and Edgar Awards for Best First Novel.

Maude 15 leads him upstairs to the dead body of her mother Hilaria Blake, stinking of alcohol with a smear of blood in the crook of her elbow. The power is off, Maude and her five-year-old brother Jack look half-starved, and Maude pleads with Cormac to take her brother to the hospital in Castlebar. When Jack is undressed, Cormac is horrified by the bruising on his tiny body. Maude excuses herself to find a bathroom, and vanishes. Twenty years later Cormac has recently transferred to Galway from Dublin, assigned to cold cases while his elite Drug Task Force is assembled, and dealing with the resentment of his local colleagues to an outsider.

Jack died on St. Since she never left the house, how did she get the heroin that caused the fatal overdose? Cormac becomes consumed by another unanswered question: why were the two neglected and abused children left in the care of an obviously unsuitable mother? This powerful debut thriller is the first in a series. In the coffee shop line one morning she peers over the shoulder of a handsome guy looking at a picture on his iPad of two guys tied back to back on the docks.