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Interviews - The Computer Science Handbook

Task 1 : Go ahead and read the Interview Formats section of the Tech Interview Handbook created by Yangshun Tay, a Facebook employee, to understand how different companies structure their different interviews. Technical questions Technical questions can be about data structures and algorithms, or they can be about the specific technologies, languages, and frameworks used in the company you are interviewing with. I will assume that you are already proficient with your stack and how to build projects with it.

Task 3 : As a refresher of data structures and algorithms, complete ONLY the first coding challenge in each section i. Task 4 : Find resources to test yourself against the most common conceptual questions asked about the different technologies that you know. System Design Questions In these types of questions, interviewers present a given product e.

Task 6 : Donne Martin, engineering manager at Facebook, has created another awesome open source resource to help people with their interviews. Task 10 : Look at the answers to the following two design questions: URL Shortener Collaborative Editor Those are high-level answers and they are good enough for an entry-level position.

An (Unofficial) Interviewer’s Handbook — first draft

Task 11 : Finally, pick any 2 questions from this list of design questions and, using pen and paper, or any text editor, try to answer to them as if you were in a real interview. I recommend that you try doing this with a friend or colleague so you can help each other. Note: I keep recommending that you try things with a friend or colleague because some of these steps can be hard and frustrating, and learning alone can be tough.

In fact, this is the key to how we teach at Microverse. Instead, our students learn in small distributed teams doing remote pair programming.

Like the Swedish proverb says: Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half sorrow. This section is meant to help you get ready to easily answer any of those questions. Leadership where you cannot think of a software project, use a non-software project to fill in the grid.

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Task 14 : Following the S. Situation, Action, Result methodology and the general tips from the book, write down and add the answers to questions from the book i. Task 15 : Take a look at the questions from this list and use them as a reference for your future interviews. There is no need to memorize them now. Psychological tricks Here are some other psychological tips that can help you connect with your interviewer.

Negotiation tips When the much expected moment comes, and you get a job offer, remember that you should always negotiate. Task 16 : Read this list with 10 rules of negotiation and come back to them whenever you need to negotiate an offer. Mock interviews Doing mock interviews before you jump into real ones is a great idea. Here is a simple spreadsheet we use to generate mock interviews at Microverse: Mock Interview Generator Mock Interview , Type, Time limit, Question, Comments 1, Behavioral 1, 3 minutes, What project are you currently… docs.

Note: We also recommend that you try practicing some of the answers, especially the behavioral ones, in front of a mirror or with a rubber duck before meeting with your friend. Considering I went to film school and all that jazz, I kept it very low budget for the longest time. As my salary grew, so did the production value! The turning point to invest in myself was to upgrade my main camera to the Sony a, which is what I use now.

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  • I started watching a lot of documentaries as well as larger YouTubers who were cinematographers by trade, like Peter McKinnon. In doing that, you end up finding your own style.

    Interview Preparation

    The conversations that I have with friends from varying backgrounds inspire me. I have a journaling app on my phone called Day 1 where I start typing out ideas. I really like helping to inform people when I can. I really do enjoy engaging with people online. The people that watch my channel are awesome! I would call them inconveniences at best! Youtube is my therapy. How have interviewers helped you have a good experience when you were a candidate?

    Chaotic Good: An Interview with Hallease

    Some folks will take notes directly in the scorecard; others will transfer notes to the scorecard after the interviewer. Either way is fine! For example, the interviewer communicates disinterest by slouching, regularly looking at the clock, leaning back, or doodling with a pen. As an interviewer, you have the opportunity to make the biggest positive impact on a future coworker. Sharing authentic experiences with your interviewee will help them better understand their role, the company, and our culture.

    Before your first interview, please review Common Interview Mistakes [links to a Basecamp page of the next email] that will help with your interview delivery, note-taking, and scorecard ratings. What advice do you give your interviewers to help them provide a great experience for candidates and themselves?

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