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Everyone wants teachers to use technology in the classroom. Never fear — there are easy ways to bring your classroom up-to-date, technologically. Do you have a iPad in your classroom for your use? How about iPads for students to use? Could you get a classroom iPad? What kind of Internet access is available at your school? What are school policies on student use of the Internet?

Learning Technologies for the Classroom

A fun way to practice using a projector and get your students to review important material! Ever have your students write a diary from the perspective of a character or famous person? Why not have them create a blog instead? Take a look at various blog sites Blogger and WordPress are two of the most popular and create a template for your students to fill in.

Want students to summarize information? Ask them to tweet the lesson — that is, have them write summaries of characters or less, as if they were writing on Twitter. Or create a template for a web page and ask students to use it to design a webpage about the content they are studying.

A webquest guides students to search the Internet for specific information.

Technology for Seniors | Assisted Living Technology

For example, students are asked to serve as curators of a museum on a particular topic. They must search the Internet to determine what artifacts belong in their museum and explain their choices. There are tons of already-constructed webquests out there, a perfect way to teachers to begin integrating Internet searches into their curriculum. Tell kids to write a piece instructing someone — maybe a grandparent? For older kids, have them research the impact technology has had on a particular time in history or science or include a unit on science fiction and technology in your Language Arts curriculum.

Those of you with a little more experience may enjoy Webs. Sites like MyGradebook.

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You can also email students and parents directly to allow them to view their updated grades. Never worry again about bringing home your gradebook — you can access it from any computer.

When we were kids, some teachers had class penpals or had you practice your penmanship by writing a letter to an author. Try the 21 st- century version of that by instituting an email exchange. She also runs a computer training center for adults who are unemployed or on reentry from corrections and need to gain computers skills. She provides helpdesk and writing support for the Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment, which she uses in her computer training center.

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Every field has its own vocabulary, in some ways, even its own language. This can be a huge roadblock for new learners, young or old. Address this issue up front. Explain that they will be confronted with these new words and phrases, but not to worry. Very soon, these incomprehensible terms will be old hat for them. Your email address will not be published.

Pursue opportunities to collaborate with local colleges, high schools, and volunteer organizations that aim to help young people connect with elders. Prompt the students to socialize with seniors so they can more effectively help them discover what activities they enjoy on the iPad. Top technology companies are constantly releasing updated tablets and smartphones.

After new models hit the market, you can buy existing models for substantially less than the latest and greatest. They have released 10 iPads since its debut in ! Michael Potteiger is co-founder of Generation Connect, which can help change the way your residents and staff perceive and use technology through its iRelevance Learning System — a systematic program to help older adults learn to use the iPad to stay in touch with their friends, family, and other passions.

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If computers intimidate residents, focus on mobile. If residents are not interested in using technology, make it relevant.