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Manual scheduling is more useful if tasks are not yet finalised, agreed or still being scoped out and you want to have some sort of placeholder. For a real project with approved scope, stick with auto scheduling. Where possible do not use constraints. Link tasks and milestones together and avoid linking between items that are different levels of hierarchy, for example, do not link a summary task to a detailed task.

Links should happen at the lowest level of your task hierarchy or WBS. This is a nice little feature.

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This date then appears as a small green arrow on the Gantt chart there is nothing significant about it being coloured green hopefully at a date after your task is scheduled to complete. This helps you to track any dates you may have committed to, as well as the actual dates you are working towards. Resources people can be assigned using three methods. Fixed duration, fixed work or fixed units. Then there is the option for the effort driven check box so in total there are five different ways to setup how Microsoft Project deals with your resource assignments.

Why does this matter? As some of you will have experienced, if you edit the duration it impacts work hours, if you add more people it can shorten the duration and then we get confused and you end up with tasks having a duration of 3.

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OK โ€” my suggestion. For example, Sue needs 10 hours to complete a task but she might finish it sooner or later. The approach you should take does depend on your project but in many cases I would suggest people want to edit elapsed time duration without editing total work hours for that task once they have been setup.

You are then free to edit the task duration without impacting hours.

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Just be aware though, if you change the total hours or number of people then the task duration with change. With Safari, you learn the way you learn best.

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Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more. Start Free Trial No credit card required. Microsoft Project by Guy Vaccaro. Look at the Work table of the Gantt chart to see Work completed. Open the files to be combined. In earlier versions click on Window New Window. Select the files to combine and a temporary file will be opened using the standard default template with the selected files combined.

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  • Create links across the projects or filter and group for reports. You can get feature selection menus by right clicking on the Ribbon or toolbars, the timescale, in the Gantt chart, on a task, on a resource, on column titles, etc. Some options are only available from menus accessed through right clicking.

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    This is also known as the Task Entry View. Double click on the little bar in the lower right corner of the Gantt chart view. Double click on the Resource Name to see the Resource data.

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    To add this line, right click in the Gantt chart, click on Gridlines. Select Status Date on the left, select a line style and color, and click OK to close the box. Related Content. Webinars watch for free now! Ellen is also a contributor and tech editor for many reference books, a developer for the Microsoft Project certification tests and is a frequent meeting speaker for Microsoft, MPUG and PMI.

    Contact Ellen at ellen lehnertcs. View all posts by: Ellen Lehnert.

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    • Love this list and enjoyed your sessions at the recent Microsoft Project conference in Anaheim. In Project if entering Status date using The Status button we have the grid placed at the beginning of the workday. If entering status date in the Project Information in Project box we have the grid placed at the end of the workday. What is the best way to report high level milestones on a programme plan by exporting to powerpoint? I have a project where some of the link lines go back to the start time. I cannot find a constraint that is responsible. I have seen this problem before and it is frustrating to say the least.

      What I check for is any Actual start dates or constraints on tasks. Manual tasks will also produce this type of behavior. Check resource calendars, task calendars, and any tracking data on the task. Actually I would like to use the reporting feature of standard Microsoft Project, which seems to be quite easy but some part of it is quite tricky. Could you please recommend a comprehensive article, which introduces the efficient use of this module? I will need you to be more specific regarding which reporting module you are referring to and which level of MS Project you are using to be able to answer your question.

      The name field is the key field for views and must exist for the view to work. However, in all of the levels if you would like to remove the legend from a report that option is in Page set up. Lower right side, select off. Do you know if there is a way to keep blank lines when filtering?