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She is friendly but often too shy to strike up a conversation. When you get to know her, she will reveal her crazy side.

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Marie is so adorable! Be careful when teasing Marie, you don't want to get in her bad side. Marie is the best friend ever!!

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Marie is one of the best people you will ever meet. She is an excellent lover and a perfect girlfriend. The most amazing girl to exist. She makes you feel happy when you're sad ; Your self-esteem is higher when you're with her ; Your confidence is higher with her. Being with her makes you more happy than anything in the world. She's a hard catch but worth it in the end. Even if she breaks up with you, the chance of you most likely still liking her is a very high chance, you might be depressed for a while if that happens but talking to her even though she might she you as a friend still cheers you up like before and you most likely won't give up trying to make her fall in love with you again because she's everything to you.

Person 1 : Is that Marie?! Person 2 : It is, too bad she's already taken Person 1 : Yeah, she's the most adorable, smartest girl and would be the bets girlfriend to have. Person 2 : I know right.

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A French variation of Mary. Also, the name for that irresistibly mysterious girl whom you see around often, yet know nothing about. The French call her Marie , but I would call her absolutely divine. Maries are one of the best friends ever, so if you have one, keep her close because she will rock your world! She is extremely nice, honest, trustworthy, and just pretty damn cool.

Marie, Marie

Maries tend to be kind of awkward at times, which gives her that unique quirkiness that just puts a smile on your face and love her even more. Examples include the need that arose from the death of Hollywood Fats, as well as Phil's knee ailment in December The album includes a duet with Exene Cervenka of X and the Knitters , track number 2 called "Jackson". In advance of the album's release, the band was touring Spain, and Phil Alvin had a near-death experience owing to an infection from an abscessed tooth.

Though he had an emergency tracheotomy and flatlined twice, he recovered with his voice intact, and The Blasters have since continued to tour.

The Blasters have a devoted fan base and have received largely positive critical reviews, but have earned only limited mainstream success. Critic Mark Deming wrote of them, "the Blasters displayed a wide-ranging musical style [and] were a supremely tight and tactful band with enough fire, smarts, and passion for two or three groups. Trouser Press cited their strengths: "tight ensemble work, swingin' original tunes in the classic mold and Phil Alvin's ageless, confident vocals.

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Bill Bateman is one of the best drummers there is, and then of course, there are the Alvin brothers. A lot of talent for one band. In , this song was also featured on the second episode of the HBO series Six Feet Under as the song chosen by the widow of the founder of a pyramid scheme for her late husband's viewing.

Marie Brizard

It also plays over the opening sequence of Episode 12, Season 2, of the Showtime hit "Billions". The original was on American Music. Stevens's version appeared on his album This Ole House. Matchbox also recorded "Marie, Marie" for their album Midnite Dynamos.

It did in fact become a modest hit. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For others with this name, see Blasters disambiguation.

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