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Boasting over miles of Jeep trails with just about every level of difficulty available, this network of trails features plenty of deep mud holes, rocky climbs, and steep hills for all your Jeeping pleasure. And, for those less experienced Jeepers looking to have a go at some moderate trails as well, there are plenty of meadows and grasslands to test out your capabilities.

Visitors can take their Jeeps over some of the most intense trails to reach hidden lakes and ponds that offer some of the most pristine, beautiful scenery in the West. Roll up to your favorite of the Grand Mesa lakes and sit for a bit of fishing, or simply check them all out with your trusty Jeep to take you all the way.

One of the great attractions of the Rockies, of course, are the beautiful high-mountain vistas that give visitors wide panoramic views of the sprawling mountain range — but for Jeepers, it can often be difficult to bring a vehicle to the top of he highest summits, many of which are only accessible by foot. Fortunately, Yankee Hill offers this kind of high mountaintop experience in a setting that can almost only be reached with a reliable Jeep.

Although quite steep in some parts the rocky trail is more than manageable with a stock Jeep Wrangler, and enthusiasts will enjoy views of both the St. Located about two hours from both Colorado Springs and Denver, this trail system offers an excellent challenge for beginning Jeepers who are looking to give themselves a little bit o a challenge — and who want to get some spectacular views along the way.

Within this are you can find a diverse selection of off-road trails. Our favorite by far is Sevenmile Road. Crossing its namesake the Sevenmile Creek in several points, the trail consists of a diverse terrain some of which is part of the creek itself. In some areas, the creek can reach depths equal to hub-level. While season discretion is prudent when traveling most Colorado trails, Sevenmile Road is listed as a year-round trail. That said, do your homework, and most of all have fun. You may, or may not be familiar with Hardscrabble Mountain, located in Eagle County.

At 10, ft the high peak is accessible to vehicles courtesy of Forest Road , identified as one of the most notably dangerous roads in the United States. Impassable in winters, even seasonable times of year make its steep inclines and questionable terrain more than many drivers want to tackle.

Summit County, Colorado

Standing as the second-highest drivable pass in Colorado second only to Mosquito Pass Imogene Pass at 13, ft also rates as one the most thrilling to enjoy. The combination of terrain and visuals are nearly unmatched, and passing prominent mining towns such as Tomboy Townsite, located in Savage Basin always provides an enjoyable snapshot of days past. Imogene Pass is, however, seasonal. Blocked by snow until early July, the months of July-September are the ideal time to visit.

Just check your low-range gearing and make sure your skid plates are configured to provide as much protection as possible. Finally, the Mosquito Pass is well-deserving as its legendary status among Jeeping enthusiasts. Recommended only for those who are confident in their experience or experienced in their confidence the Pass is well-known for humbling more than its fair share of egos. Located to the East of Leadville, the Pass is That said, it is not intended for just any vehicle. Offering steep ascents, descents, and shifting surfaces in various types of terrain it is imperative that a driver prep their off-road vehicles accordingly.

Most importantly, understand that this is a seasonal trail, rendered inaccessible or at least impassable during Winter months.

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Snowfall combined with minimal visibility due to fog will put even the most experienced driver at risk; with July — September singled out as the best possible time of year to visit the trail. So get out there and get going — the trails are waiting for you. Your email address will not be published. Hi Jacob! However, if you go to wagonwheeltrails. Hope this helps! Thank you!

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  6. Hi Mabe, Welcome to Colorado! There are a number of different trails here many more than we could name! We have a few different trail books available for purchase in our Parts Department, that details many of the trails here in Colorado. When you get here be sure to look us up and come pick up a book.

    I was wondering if you could give me a place to look for some light offroad trails.

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    Hi Jeff! There are a number of different trails in Colorado that you could get to. If you go to wagonwheeltrails. A blanket of white nearly camouflages two ptarmigan, namesake of the Ptarmigan Wilderness Area near Silverthorne. The early-blooming pasque flower brightens the south-facing fields of sagebrush on the trail to Ptarmigan Peak near Silverthorne. Show Captions Hide Captions. The Ptarmigan Trail begins at 9, feet and ascends 5.

    County Towns

    I needed an early-season hike to help get in shape after a long winter. Ptarmigan Peak seemed like the ideal hiking place, since I had not been on the mountain for a decade.

    I made sure I had my hiking essentials ; I dressed in my gaiters to keep snow out of my boots and carried compact mountaineering snowshoes to ascend through the snow-covered forest above me. I wore a down jacket for the first half-hour of hiking, though I expected to strip down to my fleece once the effort of the climb thoroughly warmed me.

    Hiking in Dillon and Silverthorne

    For provisions, I carried my usual daypack with a couple liters of water and trail snacks. Since I was hiking near Breckenridge I set out on this through the south-facing sagebrush above the residential neighborhood at the base of the mountain. Among the bundles of sage, I found the blue pastel blooms of pasque flowers — a hopeful sign that warm weather is arriving in the High Country.

    Turning a bend into a stand of aspen, I began trudging through packed snow only a half-mile along the trail and vertical feet above the trailhead.

    ProTrails | Hiking Trails in Summit County - Eagle County - Clear Creek County

    Although my usual pace is two miles an hour, it took nearly two hours to reach the junction of the Angler Trail, a feeder trail above the Blue River, located 2. A few minutes later, I reached a log bench at 10, feet and took a break to enjoy a view that this hiking place extended southerly from the Tenmile Range in Breckenridge to the northernmost extent of the Gore Range.

    Streaks in the snowfields marked avalanche lines across the bowls on each mountain. Next in line to the north was the North Willow Creek watershed descending from the bowl of Willow Peak 13, feet. In the distance, the long, inclining ridge of Keller Mountain 13, rose from east to west, like a blade above the white blanket covering South Rock Creek and North Rock Creek. Then, the peaks of the northern Eagles Nest Wilderness rolled like choppy waves into the horizon.

    Camp Colorado : Summit County Hiking

    I continued on my way, hiking upwards and following the trail as it curved into the gulch forming Hamilton Creek. The snow became deep, slushy and loose as the trail rose through a stand of dead lodgepole pines.