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The life of an influencer often looks glamorous from the other side. The shiny attires?

Going to the A-lister parties and biggest launch? The expensive gifts and merchandises? But if you thought all this was a cakewalk, you might want to reconsider and change your perspective. This is the best part of being an influencer. However, this is how we make money?

If Kylie Jenner can be an entrepreneurial superstar, so can the rest of Generation Z

Kabhi aoo galli mein humari come to our bay one day. You just see the tip of an iceberg but are clueless about what is beneath it. Bam feels Indian YouTube is on the right track and he will give it another three years to have a larger impact. This is something a lot of people have said. So when we got an opportunity we asked him to sing and he sang a Guru Dutt song from movie Pyaasa that will simply put your mind at ease.

Second Generation Superstar Suffers Injury At WWE NXT Live Show

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The year-old YouTube rockstar and India's biggest influencer talks about his journey and what went into the making of it. The Millennial superstar has a lot of bravado and panache. Beneath it, like all of us, they crave gentle appreciation. They may be uncomfortable by it, but they'll be motivated by it.


No one wants to feel taken for granted and you can't always assume that your Millennial superstars are consistently well rewarded, recognized, and appreciated. However, there is a line between celebrating and worshipping. Good leaders know how to balance appreciation so superstars are applauded, but not venerated.

Smart leaders ensure ceremonies and celebrations are not empty of meaning, but not overdone so they lose value or importance. You have to find the right balance to sustain energy, engagement, and momentum over the long-term. Millennial superstars can easily become lone rangers--doing whatever they want, whenever they want. It is your job to define the Millennial superstar's broad objectives and goals while ensuring a degree of freedom. In trying to sustain momentum, leaders have to keep in mind one of the cardinal rules of keeping people engaged: People want autonomy, but they also need parameters and limits. Managerially competent leaders, who know how to sustain momentum, do both. They know when to routinize through job descriptions and detailed specifications. You need to know when to give your Millennial superstars autonomy and make the job as flexible as possible. As a deeply grounded member of the baby-boom generation, I've had the opportunity to work with a number of Millennial superstars.

My challenge was to prove to them that I knew what I was talking about and that I was more knowledgeable. Then, the learning process began. My challenge was finding a way that I could work with them.

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