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Phoenix, Arizona. BBC News. Cincinnati, Ohio. The book's subject we are never given her name, but assume she is Alice comes from a normal, middle-class family Go Ask Alice Avon Books paperback ed. New York City: Prentice-Hall published If I don't give Big Ass a blow he'll cut off my supply Big Ass makes me do it before he gives me the load. Everybody is just lying around here like they're dead and Little Jacon is yelling, 'Mama, Daddy can't come now.

He's humping Carla. Girl Detective blog.

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Then I talked to Alice, who I met just sitting stoned on the curb. She didn't know whether she was running away from something or running to something, but she admitted that deep in her heart she wanted to go home. Go Ask Alice Mandarin Paperbacks ed. London: Arrow Books published Front cover. Go Ask Alice First paperback ed.


New York City: Avon Books published Back cover. Avon Catalog N Camden, New Jersey. For Alice was real and could have lived next door; her parents The Indianapolis Star. The Baltimore Sun. School Library Journal. Retrieved — via Scribd. New York City: Variety. New York City: R. Los Angeles Times. The Globe and Mail. The Austin Chronicle. Austin, Texas. The Horn Book Magazine. Boston: The Horn Book Inc.

Billings Gazette. Billings, Montana. The New York Times.

Bad Sex On Speed: A Novel

Wisconsin Library Bulletin Google Books ed. Kirkus Reviews. The Village Voice. New York City. Drabble, Emily ed. The Guardian. Lanham, Maryland: Scarecrow Press, Inc. LOST Magazine.

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New York City: lostmag. Novels for Students. PT The novel Go Ask Alice , by James Jennings, written in diary form, tell [sic] the story of a teenage girl who suffers from terrible mood swings that are exacerbated by drug use. Although this source identifies the book's author as "James Jennings", without further discussion, no other reliable source support has been found for a person named James Jennings being an author or co-author of the book.

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Go Ask Alice First ed. Anderson Daily Bulletin. Anderson, Indiana. The diary is published by her parents, who wish to remain anonymous Some events have been changed to protect them, so the book is classified as fiction Kansas City Times. Kansas City, Missouri. The Star 's Own Service. Dalton Salt Lake City Weekly.

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Salt Lake City, Utah. Media Scandals. Scandals in American History. Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press. Poughkeepsie Journal. Poughkeepsie, New York. Beauty Queen. New York City: HarperCollins. Writing is easy, but having to write seven days a week for three years is really bad for your lower spine.

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  8. I have the posture of a very old woman. I love writing and I suffer from panic attacks quite badly and one of the only ways I can deal is [to] sit down and write a 2,word feature. When I sit down and open up a Word document, I am in my safe place. I cried when I wrote about [Johanna] meeting John Kite for the first time, and suddenly not being alone.

    That really hit me. All that stuff about unrequited love I came up with before and just typed it out on my iPhone. I cried at the end when I was writing the part about the fact that the whole quest of your life is to invent yourself over and over again. This book is all about bad sex, and the next book I want to be all about good sex. The next book is going to be even dirtier. I did a show here [in the U. And then I lost my train of thought. The reason I started writing the book is because I was so furious about 50 Shades of Grey that I was like, Fuck it I am going to have to write a book my daughters can read.

    Ironically the one person at the end of the world who will never read my books is my daughter. When I talk to my friends most of them were discovering their own sexuality from about 12 onwards. Boys go to school and boast about it and I would like a world where girls did that and got competitive about it. I wanted Johanna to completely control her sexuality. Prices and offers may vary in store. Audio Book CD. Kobo ebook. Bad Sex On Speed is a savage, careening, hyper-real nightmare of a novel, taking us to the depths of Amphetamine America. Told with no concession to traditional narrative, in the voices of those in the grips and on the fringes, the stories that emerge are at once devastating, hysterical, and-perhaps most terrifying of all-going on all around you, all the time.

    Stahl digs deep into the psyche of the most demented and dispossessed among us, returning with a vision so unsparing that those not prepared to experience the screaming depths of speed psychosis up close and on the page should back slowly away and return to their lives unscathed.